Process Locomotives are “green” by design and employ twenty-first century technology along with features comparable to those found on new multi-million dollar locomotives at a fraction of the price. They are industry-proven from Alaska to Mexico and Eastern Virginia with all units sold to date still in continuous service, some for as long as 11+ years.

 Features include patented high-adhesion traction control, EPA emission-certified engines, radio remote control, remote maintenance monitoring, video and data event recorders, etc. They are rugged, highly dependable, and automated for safety, fuel efficiency, and simplicity of operation.

 Process Locomotives are built from the rail up using a frame, trucks, and traction motors obtained from cores. These are carefully inspected and reconditioned to OEM standards. Other systems and components are new, and incorporate the most advanced technology available to provide reliability, efficiency, safety, and economy.

 Process Locomotives are available in Yard-Switcher or Road-Switcher models, with 4 or 6 axles, from 400 to 3000 Horsepower.

Models Available:

·          PL Series Diesel Electric

·          PL-ZSE Dual Mode Operation

·          PL-ME Multi-engine


Process Locomotives

Dependable,  Safe, Economical, Ultra low-emission locomotives for Industrial Plants, Short Lines and General Switching Service

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Flag & Apple Pie

Protect the environment, save money, and support US-Small Businesses!

PL Series Yard-Switcher

Modular Detroit Diesel Engine with Marathon Main Alternator

Locomotive is controlled by the Allen-Bradley PLC Controller


New PL 15B Series Road-Switcher

Powered by a DDC-MTU 12V4000     engine, this model provides 1500 to 2000 HP for traction, meets EPA Tier 2 Locomotive Emissions Standards, and has the same length and distance between truck centers as an EMD MP15. It also has high-adhesion traction, remote monitoring/troubleshooting, CCTV, radio remote control, and is designed for 24/7 trouble-free operations.

Standard locomotive upgrades, rebuilds, & service available also